A Short Trip To Philadelphia

by - July 15, 2017

As a rising senior in high school, summer is the time of year in which you embark on the journey that is college visits, and cram all of the schools that are in proximity to one another into a four day trip. At least, that's how it was for my family as we traveled throughout Pennsylvania with my sister Rachel visiting various colleges. 

Of all of the towns and cities that we explored, my favorite by far was Philadelphia. Though I have visited before, I was much younger and I couldn't remember much of the city. Philly is absolutely beautiful, from the gothic architecture contrasted with the massive glass buildings, to the small city streets with cute shops and fun restaurants.

Though we only had two days here, we (mainly my mom and I) explored so much of the city, and we are already planning to return in the very near future!

Cute food signs!

I absolutely fell in love with this café! Smart Street, located in Rittenhouse Square, is the perfect place to get a quick and delicious bite to eat. The menu consists of smoothie bowls, salads, sandwiches, and buddha bowls. Because I love smoothie bowls, I ordered the PB & Acaí bowl, and it was amazing!

If your craving a sweet treat, I would definitely recommend heading over to Capogiro Gelato!

Though we did not eat here on this trip, Mac Mart is a restaurant that I was dying to try the minute I saw the sign. So although I cannot tell you how the food is, I can definitely assure you that when we come back to Philly I will be eating here!

All of the restaurants are so cute! My mom and I ate at a restaurant that looks very similar to this for dinner, called a.kitchen. We very much enjoyed eating outside and seeing the nightlife of this city unfold right before us. 

Super cool giant sand castle located in the mall!

This was photographed in the Ritz Carlton, but my family stayed in the Hotel Palomar.

The famous "amor" sign!

Galusha Pennypacker memorial.

These past six photos were all taken in Logan Square! Logan Square is absolutely beautiful, and I would definitely recommend exploring this area.

City streets.

Gorgeous gothic architecture.

This is one of my favorite photos that I took in Philly!


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