New York City // Fall 2018

by - November 18, 2018

For the first three days of Thanksgiving break, my mom and I took the train up to New York City to see my cousins who were visiting the city from London. As always, we had a wonderful time dining at unique and authentic restaurants, drooling over all of the beautiful clothing at Saks on Fifth Avenue and obsessing over all of the Christmas decorations in Lord and Taylor, and admiring the stunning artwork in New York City's famous museums. This trip was especially special not only because it was spent with family, but also because it snowed during our stay in the city! I had never experienced a snowfall in the New York, so it was very exciting for me to see the beauty of the city as the snowflakes fell from the white skies.

Of course, as I always do, I took a ton of photographs during our stay in New York, and thought I would share them in a blog post! I also created a travel diary type video that I published on my youtube channel that you can watch by clicking on the image above.

City Life

Pictured below was the view out of our hotel window at the Millennium hotel. It was so lovely to see the beautiful snowfall!

The photo of the Christmas decorations below was taken in Lord & Taylor.

My adorable little cousin!

Below is a photo of a Milk Bar in NoLita.

A beautiful graffitied image of Audrey Hepburn.


The photo below was taken outside of a shoe store called fluevog in NoLita.

Below is a photo of some beautiful pop-out cards that were being sold on the streets. My mom and I bought one for my dad's birthday and a couple others for some other family members.

The remaining photos were all taken in SoHo at two very similar stores that sold super unique and fun clothes, jewelry, artwork, and more.


The first five photos below were taken in a stand-up Mexican restaurant called Los Tacos. While I didn't eat anything except for the guacamole and chips (which were very good), I heard excellent reviews from my mom, Aunt, and my cousin, so if you are looking for a quick, fun bite to eat and you like tacos, I would definably recommend checking this place out! We went to the one in Times Square, but my mom and I also saw one when we were exploring Chelsea Market.

The photo below was taken in the Whole Foods near Bryant Park that we stopped into the purchase baby food for my little cousin. Though it was just a grocery store, it was so unique to any other Whole Foods I have seen, and so naturally I had to take a few pictures.

The photo below is of a crepe that my mom ordered at the restaurant Sugar located in the Meat Packing district. While this definitely was not our favorite restaurant that we went to, it was still a fun place to go to simply for the experience, and also it was conveniently close to the Whitney museum which we went to directly after lunch.

Below is a photo of a cute little desert shop inside the Chelsea Market called Seed & Mill.

This is a cute little gelato shop on the corner of a street in Little Italy!

The delicious chestnuts sold by street vendors.

Of course when I spotted a Jamba Juice I just had to stop in and buy an acai bowl, despite the freezing temperatures outside.

This was a fun little chocolate shop in Bryant Park.

Below is a photograph taken in Saju Bistro, an adorable French bistro. My mom, Aunt and I had a lovely time eating delicious food in this cozy restaurant as we watched the snow fall outside of the big glass window.


The photo below was taken from the outside of a shop in Bryant Park.

The two pictures below were taken inside of Urban Outfitters.

Below is a photograph of the sign for the new broadway musical "Head Over Heels" that my mom and I watched in the theater inside of our hotel. While it wasn't one of our favorite shows, it was still very enjoyable and entraining to watch.

Whitney Museum, Andy Warhol Exhibit.

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  1. It looks beautiful! And all this food and art-one day soon I am hoping to be back there!

    xo, Anastasia