My Blog: Reflecting on 2019 & Goals for 2020

Happy 2020! In keeping with the tradition I started a couple go years ago, I decided to share with you all my reflections of my blog in 2019 and my goals for 2020. Though it would be easy to simply jump right into my goals for the upcoming year, I believe it is so important to reflect on the previous year to analyze what worked, what did not, and changed to implement in the new year. I hope you enjoy reading about my intentions with regards to my blog for 2020. Let me know what your blogging or personal goals are for the new year!

2019 Blogging Goals
2018 Blogging Goals

Praia Do Farol in Milfontes, Portugal

Southern Portugal is filled with stunning beaches featuring rocky cliffs overlooking sparkling salty water, sand banks that stretch for miles, and of course the colorful umbrellas of European tourists who have traveled across the continent to visit these renowned beaches.

This is the very first beach my family visited, as it was a short walk from our Airbnb in the town of Vila Nova de Milfontes. As can be seen by the photograph below, this beach was the most crowded of all we visited. Even so, if you walked far enough beyond the umbrellas of tourists, the beach stretched on for long distances with no tourists in sight.

Town of Vila Nova de Milfontes

After we had sojourned in the city of Lisbon, my family drove south to Vila Nova de Milfontes, a small town a couple hours north of the Algarve, one of the most the frequented tourist destinations in Portugal. We stayed in a quaint but spacious Airbnb in the center of the town that was owned by an extremely sweet hostess and had two bedrooms, a small sitting room, a kitchen equipped with a fridge, stove, and washing machine, and a sunny balcony overlooking a small garden.

Though the town was quiet during the daytime, it was very lively and busy at night, as European tourists from outside of town gathered to dine at the variety of restaurants that offered delicious food yet maintained a casual and easygoing atmosphere as well as to shop the unique clothing and artistic goods sold at various boutiques.