40 Productive Things to Do While Practicing Social Distancing

Because so many of us are participating in social distancing in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, I thought I would compile a list of productive activities to do whilst confined in your home.

While I am a big advocate of staying informed and aware even when you might simply want to block it all out, I also understand that it can become very toxic and unhealthy to obsessively watch the news and tear through every article you come across, and that staying busy and occupying the mind is essential for the sake of our own mental wellbeing during a time of such uncertainty about the future.

How to Stay Productive While Learning from Home

It has been just under a month since my last blog post, and boy, has a lot happened. The outbreak of COVID-19 and implementation of social distancing in an effort to flatten the curve has affected virtually every aspect of daily life.

In this post, I wanted to focus specifically on one of those aspects shared by tens of thousands of students across the globe: virtual learning. When I first received news about my school transitioning to online learning, I definitely experienced feelings of nervousness and stress about how I would adjust to a new learning environment and the possible impact it would have on my grades. Reminding myself that this was an adjustment that thousands of other students across the world were facing, though, helped to ease my concerns, and I realized that rather than approach this new experience with fear, I had to embrace it and encourage myself to see the positives. 

Currently, Volume IX: February 28, 2020

As I write this, I am sitting at an Amtrak station about to board a train to go to the airport, where my mom and I are departing for southern Spain. For months we had been planning a trip over my spring break to Rome and southern Italy. Due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus, however, at the very last minute (literally the day of our flight) we changed our plans. 

5 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

1. Eat Less Meat.

Reducing your meat consumption is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your carbon footprint. I recently came across an infographic stating that going one year without paper saves 8.5 trees, but going one year without beef saves 3,432 trees. 

Because I have been a vegetarian for around three and half years, to me the idea of eating less meat seems relatively easy, however I know that for the vast majority of people it might pose a challenge. Reducing your meat consumption does not have to be a drastic and immediate change, however. You can start of by simply having "meatless Mondays" and encouraging your friends and family to do so as well. In addition to saving the planet, by eating less meat you will also be seriously benefiting your body and personal health.