Airbnb in Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to the first blog post from my Portugal series.

To kick off my series of blog posts from Portugal, I chose to share my photographs from the very first city we visited: Lisbon. In order to delve more deeply into the Lisbon's incredible beauty and vitality, I divided my photographs into a series of smaller posts, and so Part I of my travels in Lisbon focuses solely on where my family stayed in the city.

A Blog Makeover

As previously discussed in my last blog post, I originally planned to jump right into my Portugal series and share my photographs from my travels in Lisbon, Porto, and the other cities my family visited. However, I thought that I could not simply jump right into my travel series before addressing a very noticeable change: my blog layout!

A Four Month Hiatus

It is crazy to think that I have been absent from my blog for an entire four months. The transition from the end of summer vacation to the beginning of my junior year of high school seemed to happen so fast, and so much has occurred over the course of the past few months.

Rather than deliver a tedious paragraph about four month my blogging hiatus and excuses as to why I've been absent, I wanted to share with you a recap of the past four months, from the conclusion of summer to the inception of my fall term of my junior year.

Days in DC; July 25 - 28

I have been fortunate enough to spend much of the month of July exploring the museums, restaurants, and neighborhoods of DC. In honor of all of the time I have spent in this wonderful city, I created a mini series on my blog entitled "Days in DC" where I share my favorite photographs I captured whilst exploring the city.