Granada, Nicaragua

May 13, 2017 Granada, Nicaragua

Back in March, my mom and I traveled to Granada, Nicaragua. Last summer, we traveled to Costa Rica and discovered a love for Central America, so we decided to explore Nicaragua, a country that was on both of our bucket lists. We spent seven days on a beautiful island off the coast of Nicaragua and three days in the city of Granada. The colonial architecture, colorful homes, beautiful lakes and volcanoes, and kind and welcoming locals all make Granada such a special city. 

I hope you enjoy seeing a few of the many pictures I took on this trip! If you would like to see more pictures, you can check out my Instagram at @alexagmarsh. If you have any questions about the city, the hotel we stayed in, or anything else about our travels, then leave a comment and I will make sure to reply.

Masaya Volcano
Tribal Hotel

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