12 Ways To Boost Your Mood & Rid Yourself Of Stress

June 26, 2017

  1. Blast upbeat music, and sing along!
  2. Watch a "feel good" movie, whether it be a movie you loved watching when you were younger or a movie that never fails to make you laugh (most likely Harry Potter for me).
  3. Take a bubble bath, and leave all distractions, aka your phone and/or computer, in another room (I still need to work on that).
  4. "Rant" to someone you are close with. If you are stressed, anxious, or just have a lot of things bubbling inside of your head, spilling it all out to someone to whom you are very close with (for me this is my mom) clears your mind immensely.

5 Must-Reads For Young Adults

June 25, 2017

To me, reading is not only one of the greatest ways to learn in an academic sense, but it is also a way to become more open-minded, creative, considerate, and aware of the world that is constantly changing around us. It is a way to escape and become immersed in a story unfamiliar to our own, no matter if it is fiction or non-fiction. Today I am sharing with you a few of my recent favorite books that I would recommend to high school students such as myself as well as adults. Instead of writing a summary of each book, I chose to include quotes from other readers. I hope you give at least one of these books a read and share your thoughts and favorite books with me, as I would love to hear your recommendations.