12 Ways To Boost Your Mood & Rid Yourself Of Stress

June 26, 2017

  1. Blast upbeat music, and sing along!
  2. Watch a "feel good" movie, whether it be a movie you loved watching when you were younger or a movie that never fails to make you laugh (most likely Harry Potter for me).
  3. Take a bubble bath, and leave all distractions, aka your phone and/or computer, in another room (I still need to work on that).
  4. "Rant" to someone you are close with. If you are stressed, anxious, or just have a lot of things bubbling inside of your head, spilling it all out to someone to whom you are very close with (for me this is my mom) clears your mind immensely.
  5. Write down your thoughts in a journal. If you are not one who likes to spill out your thoughts verbally or feel that you do not have someone you can talk to, or if you do but the simple act of writing clears you mind better, this option is also a great stress-reliever.
  6. Have a friend over. Whenever I feel down or in a slump, laughing with my friends always boosts my mood.
  7. Go for a drive and roll down the windows. Something about rolling down the windows while you are driving feels so amazing.
  8. Read. As I stated in my last blog post where I shared 6 must-reads for young adultsreading is such a great way to escape, and becoming immersed in a story unfamiliar to our own is a positive way to get away from any of the stresses in your life.
  9. Get out of your house. Simply getting outside into the fresh air can make me feel so much better.
  10. Smile for sixty seconds. It's proven to boost your mood!
  11. Clean your space. Whenever my room is messy, my head feels messy too. Cleaning your space can both clear your mind as well as make you feel productive.
  12. Plan out your week. If you feel like your week has been unproductive or boring and you feel as if you have accomplished nothing, plan out your week! Scheduling days to hang out with friends, go to the movies, or take trip into the city will make you excited for the upcoming week and motivated to stay active.

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