85 Little Ways To Feel Happier

December 29, 2017

1. Go for a walk.
2. Get off social media.
3. Pet your dog.
4. Take a bath.
5. Wash your face.
6. Use a face mask.
7. Put on lotion.
8. Clean your room.
9. Smile.
10. Eat a healthy snack.

50 Resolution Ideas for 2018

December 28, 2017

1. Drink more water
2. Eat more clean.
3. Travel more.
4. Be more spontaneous.
5. Wake up earlier.
6. Get outside more.
7. Less social media.
8. Learn a new language.
9. Run more.
10. Improve mile time.

10 Things To Do Before 2018

1. Declutter.

Get rid of all of the unnecessary clutter in your life including clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, and papers.

2. Write down your goals.

Make a list of all of the things you want to accomplish this year and break down your goals so that you have a clear plan of how you will reach these goals.

3. Backup all of your photos from 2017.

Backing up your photos really doesn't take that long, and it is really important because the next time your drop your phone it may actually break and all of your photos will be lost.

To Travel Is To Live

December 26, 2017

I love to travel.

Traveling opens your eyes and allows you to experience life in a new light. The lessons learned from meeting people all across the world, exploring new territories, and immersing yourself into another culture are invaluable.

A Book Review: Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

December 15, 2017

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love, is all about, as it clearly states on the cover of her book, "creative living beyond fear." Gilbert encourages her readers to let go of all fears in order to pursue their passions simply for the enjoyment of creating.

Her personal stories, recollections with her role models, and words of wisdom are inspiring and motivational not only to live creatively, but also to stay positive, accept who we are, and look beyond the false image of perfectionism. Although many of the experiences she shares with creativity are reflective of her experience as a writer, her advice and knowledge can serve as a source of inspiration for all readers, regardless of age, passion, or profession.