My Blog: Reflecting on 2017 & Goals for 2018

January 2, 2018

Once again another post centered around the new year (and this isn't the last of them)! I love reflecting and setting goals every time the new year rolls around. In this post, rather than sharing my personal reflections (I shared my goals for 2018 here), I decided focus on this blog. Though I only began in May of 2017, I still thought it might be fun and helpful to see my aspirations for the upcoming year.

Reflecting On 2017:


I have to admit, when I started back in May I had no intentions of focusing too heavily on my blog. I had hoped to just pop in and write a post anytime I felt inclined do to so, whether it be two or ten times a month. So because of this, from May until October I really wasn't consistent at all with posting, and I only ended up writing ten posts in this time frame. I am not too upset about this though because without any pressure to produce a certain number of posts I was able to just let myself write whenever I felt inspired, and as a result of this none of my posts were ever forced or fake and I always had fun writing them. Despite my inconsistency starting out, I began posting a lot more later on in the year, and from November to December I had a total of twenty posts: that's double what I had from May to October!

I am pretty pleased with the content I have created, because all of it has been centered around things I truly love and am passionate about.


Because I was not very consistent with posting and because I am really only a beginner, I have not experienced much growth, but I really don't mind at all because I love what I am doing.

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Goals For 2018:

In 2018 I hope to publish at least six posts per month. As I type this and look at my archives from November and December where I posted eight and than ten blog posts, I feel like I can do a lot more than six per month, but because I had all of Thanksgiving and winter break to focus on blogging, I am keeping it to six because I know that when school starts up again I will be very busy. Though I am pretty confident that I can reach six posts per month, I also don't want to put too much pressure on myself to post a lot because I don't want it to result in some of my posts being forced.

Regarding my content, I hope to continue publishing the same kinds of posts I have in the past. I absolutely love writing travel posts so I will definitely continue those as well as posts regarding happiness, organization, and productivity. I hope to implement more fashion related as well as personal posts into my blog.

Though I do hope to grow my blog, I am not too worried about this aspect because I love blogging no matter how many people read my posts.

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