Petition to Make Licenses Required For Dog Breeders in South Carolina

March 25, 2018

I recently started a petition to make licenses required for dog breeders in South Carolina. I have copied my mission statement as well as a link to the petition below so you can hopefully sign it after you have read what it is about. To sign the petition, click here.

I’m Alexa Marsh, a 16 year old girl with a deep love for animals. I have two dogs, a black lab named Brooke and a yorkie mix named Murray, whom my family and I adopted after he was rescued from a puppy mill a few years ago. After learning about what he as well as the other dogs at the puppy mill suffered through, I was absolutely horrified, and even more so when I discovered that in some states there are not any regulations for breeders. 

Cumberland Island, Georgia

March 23, 2018 Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA

Yesterday my mom and I took a short forty-five minute drive from Aemilia Island, Florida, to the small town of St. Mary's, Georgia, where we were to board a ferry and embark on our journey to Cumberland Island. Having lived in southern Georgia as a girl, my mom had always dreamed of visiting this beautiful island, but had never had the chance to go. Now, many years later, she finally was able to fulfill her wish. 

Cumberland Island is known for it's big and beautiful protected beaches and dunes, Dungeness ruins which are the remains of a grand and exquisite mansion built by Thomas Carnegie, and its wide variety of wildlife. The natural beauty of this island was so pure and inspiring, and my mom and I feel certain that this will not be our last visit to Cumberland.

A Mini Consignment Store Haul: Winter 2018

March 11, 2018

Who doesn't love a good trip to a consignment shop where you can search through racks full of clothes from various designer brands for less than half of their original price? I know I do! Not only are you able to save money purchasing high quality and fashionable pieces shopping at consignment stores, but it is also very beneficial the environment. Anyways, yesterday my mom and I took a trip to a small consignment shop nearby, and I purchased two items that I wanted to share with you. I hope this gives you some style inspiration and shows you how you can still be fashionable on a budget.

February Favorites 2018

March 4, 2018

As we enter March and leave February behind, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the things I both loved and used very frequently this past month. Rather than choosing 20 or so items that I liked this month, I decided to narrow it down to five things that I really loved. I hope you enjoy seeing my favorites of this month and please let me know if you would like to see more of these posts in the future. 

1. Boys in the Boat.

Though I have yet to finish this book (I'm only on page 150 or so), I can definitely say that this is one you've got to pick up. As someone who is not too great at summaries, I'm going to leave it up to you to do a little more research about this novel. If you enjoyed reading Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken, I guarantee you will enjoy this book as well, and if you have not read Unbroken, now you have another book to put on your reading list!