Read This When You've Been Sitting in Bed Watching Netflix All Day

June 25, 2018

So, you've been sitting in bed watching Netflix all day.
Or maybe you've been watching an endless number of youtube videos.
Or you've been sitting for hours on your phone scrolling aimlessly through Instagram.

No matter what platform you may be so willingly granting your time and undivided attention to,

and ask yourself...

1. Am I truly attaining joy from whatever it is that I am doing?

2. Is this going to better me and help me to achieve my goals?

If the answer is yes, I encourage you to dig a little deeper.

Has sitting all alone in your bedroom binge watching two entire seasons of Riverdale in two days and 3 seasons of Pretty Little Liars for the next three truly given you joy?

While I very strongly advocate for taking care of yourself and giving yourself free time to unwind and do whatever it is that your heart desires, I also feel that this time should be used wisely.

For instance, watching a fun, old movie or two is a great way to lift your spirits and relax a little. But if you spend an entire couple of days sitting by yourself at home watching endless amounts of tv, are you really taking good care of yourself?

To motivate you to spend less time on the couch and more time spend on bettering YOU, I have compiled a list of twenty things you could be doing rather than staring at a screen.

1. going for a walk

2. cleaning your room, apartment, home, etc.
3. calling someone you love
4. spending time with friends or family
5. reading
6. pursuing an old hobby (painting, drawing, taking photographs, etc.)
7. writing
8. going for a run
9. playing with your pets (if you have any)!
10. listening to a podcast
11. checking off tasks on your to do list
12. meditating
13. decluttering
14. starting or working on a project (whatever it may be)
15. journaling
16. stretching
17. cooking a yummy & healthy meal or snack (a little random but still productive!)
18. responding to emails, scheduling appointments, etc.
19. doing a crossword puzzle ( I have been obsessed with New York Times crossword puzzles for the past few of months)
20. getting outside of your house or neighborhood and exploring somewhere new or simply getting a breathe of fresh air!

a little disclaimer:

It perfectly ok to spend a couple of days staying in bed watching movies and relaxing (we all have and need those days)! This post, while I do truly believe in the advice I have shared based on personal experience (who hasn't wasted at least a couple of hours on social media, Netflix, or YouTube), was first and foremost created to help motivate and inspire you to get up and get moving and to take care of yourself, but was also meant to be somewhat humorous (hence the title of this post). Just know that you shouldn't feel bad about yourself if you have been spending lots of time lounging around. It is YOUR life and you can do whatever you want. This post was simply created because I thought it might be a fun concept to play around with since in today's world we spend so much time on our iPhones (and other means of technologies), and also I thought it might be helpful.

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  1. I do agree with you. I feel like what is most important in life is balance. Such days (let's call them binge-watching sprees) are all fine, as long as they don't take half of every of your weeks. I used to have a time like that - I was simply mindlessly staring at the TV for God knows how long and there was no gain for me - I didn't relax at all, I was just... I don't know, existing. So i do get your point and you are very right.