5th Avenue, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

July 31, 2018 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Exploring Fifth Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, was such an exciting experience. I have never before visited a place so vibrant and colorful than this incredible area. Lined with small shops selling sunglasses, handbags, dresses, swimsuits, and tourist trinkets of bright pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, and greens, it was utterly impossible for this avenue's liveliness to go unnoticed. Not only were these merchandise goods a big part of the vibrancy of this area, but the immense number of murals as well as the stunning artwork presented in the local art galleries truly made Fifth Avenue feel alive.

Today I am going to be sharing some of the many photos I took while visiting downtown Playa Del Carmen, including the lovely hotel we stayed at for one night, our favorite restaurant we dined at, the beautiful artwork featured in the galleries, and a few miscellaneous pictures I thought captured some of the beauty of Fifth Avenue. 

Currently: Olympic Field Hockey Players & A Trip to Mexico

July 20, 2018

Though I only just published a Currently post, I thought it was necessary to create yet another one simply because the past week I have been completely absent from posting mostly due to technical difficulties with my computer. I have also had quite a busy week and thought it might be nice to sit down and reflect on the past few days' activities. 

Caring Too Much About What Others Think of You

July 13, 2018

I was debating between two different possible titles for this post - "Self-Confidence," or "Caring Too Much About What Others Think of You." The latter, as you can plainly see, arose as the champion. I chose to veer away from the "self-confidence" title due to the fact that it is such a broad and somewhat ambiguous term. Self-confidence, I believe, is comprised of so many smaller ideas and topics that trying to unravel all of its strings in a semi-short blog post seems a little unfitting. I simply chose one of the many various elements that makes up one's self-confidence that I've been dealing with lately - caring about what other people think of you. 

Currently: Khaled Hosseini, Consignment Shopping, & Picking Peaches

July 12, 2018

I've seen several other bloggers create these types of posts in which they share what they have been up to, their current favorites, and more, so today I thought it might be fun to give it a try. I had a little bit of trouble trying to create a unique title for this post which hopefully may become a series on my blog, but I eventually decided on Currently. Though it may not be terribly creative, I feel that it accurately sums up the main idea of this post and all it encompasses.

My Favorite Netflix Documentaries

July 10, 2018

I have always loved watching documentaries. Not only are you able to enjoy the luxuries that come with watching movies, including lounging under the warm covers in bed at night with a hot cup of tea in hand, but you are also able to learn whilst enjoying these indulgences.

I am aware that this post is a bit ironic considering one of my recent posts, entitled Read This When You've Been Sitting In Bed Watching Netflix All Day, advises you to quit your binge watching and to get up and get active, but, as I stated in that post, I believe that there is no harm in winding down at the end of the day and watching a good movie or show, especially if it is a documentary. It is just when it gets excessive that it might become a problem. Anyways, I hope you enjoy seeing a few of my favorite documentaries and that you give a couple a watch.

Consignment Store Haul: Summer 2018

July 5, 2018

If you read my previous consignment store haul, you are probably aware of my love of consignment store shopping. Not only are you saving money buying gently used clothing, but you are also able to more easily obtain clothes from designer brands that you otherwise would not purchase pieces from. Shopping from consignment and thrift stores is also very beneficial to the environment, as the clothes in these shops, which are still in perfect condition, are being re-used rather than tossed away. Also, you are helping to limit the clothes that are wasted and therefore the growing amount of trash in landfills by decreasing your participation in fast-fashion.

I hope you enjoy seeing all of these great finds! 
All of these pieces were purchased from Buffalo Exchange.

Embroidered Everything

July 3, 2018

Today's outfit post features one of my favorite fashion trends: embroidery. Embroidery has become such a popular trend recently, and a wide variety of brands  from very affordable shops aiming towards teens who wish to step up their style game or experiment with new trends, to designer brands such as Kate Spade  are incorporating this fun trend into their clothing and accessories.

I chose to pair my bright red and embroidered off the shoulder dress (another one of my favorite trends) from Altar'd State with these adorable embroidered white sneakers by Kate Spade. Though I am usually not one for sneakers, because I loved the floral embroidery, am obsessed with Kate Spade, have very few other closed toes shoes, and because there was a great deal taking place at the store I bought these from, I decided to purchase these sneakers.

How To Travel At Home

July 1, 2018

As a lover of travel, it can be a bit difficult during the summertime to push aside one's longing for adventure of foreign places during a time in which certain circumstances, whether they be relating to financial, health, or personal issues, are prohibiting you from fulfilling your strong desire to see the world.  

Maybe you won't be able to go backpacking across Europe like you dreamed of for your summer 2018 or to the Bahamas with your best friend, but you can still take advantage of the liberties of the summertime to explore new places (they'll just have to be a little closer than Europe) and take part in various adventures.

Here are a few things you can do.