5th Avenue, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

July 31, 2018 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Exploring Fifth Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, was such an exciting experience. I have never before visited a place so vibrant and colorful than this incredible area. Lined with small shops selling sunglasses, handbags, dresses, swimsuits, and tourist trinkets of bright pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, and greens, it was utterly impossible for this avenue's liveliness to go unnoticed. Not only were these merchandise goods a big part of the vibrancy of this area, but the immense number of murals as well as the stunning artwork presented in the local art galleries truly made Fifth Avenue feel alive.

Today I am going to be sharing some of the many photos I took while visiting downtown Playa Del Carmen, including the lovely hotel we stayed at for one night, our favorite restaurant we dined at, the beautiful artwork featured in the galleries, and a few miscellaneous pictures I thought captured some of the beauty of Fifth Avenue. 

My family and I stayed at an adorable boutique hotel called The Fives. We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel not only because it was such a short distance from Fifth Avenue, but also because of the beautiful rooftop infinity pool! It was so lovely to swim in the blue water while being able to look out over the edge of the pool to a beautiful view of the city below. Aside from just the pool on the rooftop, there is also a bar where you can order drinks and appetizers and there are also a few little shops. While the entirety of the hotel is wonderful (the rooms, main lobby, proximity to Fifth Avenue), if you are planning on visiting this area of Playa Del Carmen I would even say that a visit to this hotel is worth it simply for the rooftop infinity pool.
mint smoothie from the rooftop bar
guacamole from the rooftop bar

My family and I went to dinner at this super fun Mexican restaurant called Tropical. A few hours before dinner when my mom and I were walking down Fifth Avenue, we came across this restaurant and fell in love with it. Like most restaurants on Fifth Avenue, it had outdoor seating on the street, but what made it unique was it's upstairs seating where you could look out onto the hustle and bustle of the street's night life. The part of the restaurant that really caused my mom and I to have our hearts set on eating here, though, was the stunning ceiling in the upstairs section of the restaurant. Hanging down from the ceiling were hundreds of beautiful, colorful pieces of art, such as hand-painted wooden parrots and starfish, skeletons such as those seen during the day of the dead celebrations, and even bird cages.

beautiful hand-painted hats brought by someone to sell at The Fives hotel


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