How To Travel At Home

July 1, 2018

As a lover of travel, it can be a bit difficult during the summertime to push aside one's longing for adventure of foreign places during a time in which certain circumstances, whether they be relating to financial, health, or personal issues, are prohibiting you from fulfilling your strong desire to see the world.  

Maybe you won't be able to go backpacking across Europe like you dreamed of for your summer 2018 or to the Bahamas with your best friend, but you can still take advantage of the liberties of the summertime to explore new places (they'll just have to be a little closer than Europe) and take part in various adventures.

Here are a few things you can do.

1. Go mural hunting.

If you know me personally or have seen my Instagram page, I'm sure you are well aware of my obsession with murals and colorful walls. I'm not entirely sure why, but I have always found wall art and graffiti to be very beautiful. If you are a lover of wall art such as myself, try going mural hunting! 

2. Eat out for breakfast or brunch in your town or city.

Think about it... when was the last time you went out for breakfast or brunch in your town or city? While it may seem uneventful if your dreaming of getting away from where you live to explore different places, it is something fun to do that may open your eyes and shed light on some of the wonderful aspects of your town or city that you have been overlooking.

3. Visit the city closest to you & spend an entire day there.

No matter how frequently you visit a certain city, there will always be something new for you to see and enjoy, including restaurants, museums, monuments, and tourist attractions. Take advantage of your proximity to a nearby city and spend at least a day or two exploring its beauty.

4. Go hiking somewhere new.

A long, challenging, hike is the perfect remedy to quench your thirst for adventure. Not only are you immersing yourself into nature and all of its natural beauty while enduring physical challenges to help you stay fit, but you are escaping from the monotony of everyday life and just doing something different.

5. Go to a farmer's market.

Visiting a farmer's market, while it is only a quick trip, is yet another activity to do simply to do something different and to break the cycle of the tedious grocery store runs that so often trigger your craves for travel. 

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  1. Theses are all such great ideas, I love going to the farmers market!
    xo, Kelsey