Consignment Store Haul // Summer 2018

by - July 05, 2018

If you read my previous consignment store haul, you are probably aware of my love of consignment store shopping. Not only are you saving money buying gently used clothing, but you are also able to more easily obtain clothes from designer brands that you otherwise would not purchase pieces from. Shopping from consignment stores (and thrift stores) is also very beneficial to the environment because the clothes in these shops, which are still in perfect condition, are being re-used rather than tossed away. Also, you are helping to limit the clothes that are wasted and therefore the growing amount of trash in landfills by decreasing your participation in "fast-fashion." 

I hope you enjoy seeing all of these great finds! 
All of these pieces were purchased from Buffalo Exchange.

Gingham Top //

brand: Madewell
price: $22

Jeans //

brand: Hudson
price: $20

Slip-on Espadrille //

brand: Michael Kors
price: $20

Birkenstocks //

brand: Birkenstock
price: $28

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  1. These things are so cute!! I love the birks.

  2. I love the gingham top!

  3. I love this and all of these pieces are such great finds!
    Xo, Kelsey