Banyan Tree, Mayakoba // Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

by - August 01, 2018

I think I can safely say that the Banyan Tree Resort and Spa in Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, is the nicest and most memorable resort I have ever visited. The stunning architecture, artwork, and design of Banyan Tree combined with the phenomenal service comprised of kind, hardworking people truly makes this resort one of a kind. From the lush and green, water-encompassed, lantern decorated tree that greets you as you enter the resort to the small, perfect pyramid of oil-infused hand towels in the lavatories, Banyan Tree has everything covered. 

In today's post I am going to be sharing with you some of the many hundreds of photos I took during my stay at Banyan Tree, from pictures of the hotel itself to the food, the beach, and some of the wildlife we encountered while boating down the richly vegetated river.

Hotel //

It was so beautiful to see the lanterns light up at night and reflect off the water below. 

Pictured above and below is the pool! My family and I probably spent at least a third of the day here everyday. Because Banyan Tree is such a large resort and is a ten or so minute bike ride from a beautiful beach club with another pool, the pool at the main hotel was often empty. Not only is the pool great because it is big, quiet, and surrounded by vegetation, but it also has a swim up bar where you can order drinks and appetizers!

This beautiful blue tiled pool pictured here was actually our private rooftop pool that came with our villa! It overlooked a beautiful view of the golf course as well as the river. Anytime that wasn't spent either soaking in the salt water of the beach or swimming in the main pool was spent in here.

Beach //

food //

The breakfast buffet at Banyan Tree was by far the best I have ever seen (and tasted) before. As someone who loves fruit, I was practically in heaven. There were bowls piled high with fresh fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit, and prickly pear, as well as an array of dried fruit and juices made fresh from these and other fruits and veggies. They had all sorts of breads and baked goods, from simple slices of sourdough and pumpernickel, rolls, and croissants to mini nutella muffins, banana bread, and macarons.

There was also a variety of meats and cheeses to choose from as well as pan upon pan of warm dishes ranging from the traditional scrambled eggs and hash browns to more unique Mexican plates. A taco bar stood in the center of the buffet where a chef was there to take your customized order which was later delivered to your table.

Pictured below is a bowl of Vegetarian Massaman Pak that I ordered while dining at the delicious Thai restaurant located on Banyan Tree's resort, called Saffron. For anyone planning on visiting Banyan Tree, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. The food as well as the service is spectacular, as is the atmosphere! Perched on a deck that hovers over the river, you truly feel in part with the natural beauty surrounding the resort.

nature //

My family and I decided to sign up for a complimentary nature tour offered by the resort. It was so nice to enjoy the beauty of the river and wildlife while being able to relax under the shade of the gondola.

 While golf carting to a nearby hotel, our driver stopped at a nature trail (a long trail connecting all of the resorts of Mayakoba) and led us down these steep stone steps into this beautiful cavern. We had heard all about these caverns and knew that there were several hundred littered throughout this region of Mexico, but we had no idea that there was one located in Mayakoba. I have always been fascinated by caverns, and while I had seen them before, this one seemed especially beautiful because it was so natural and untouched, evident not only in the tree roots surrounding the stairwell entrance but also in the hundreds of tiny bats that could be seen flying by the stalactites and from their sleeping positions on the top of the cavern.

wildlife //

The two photos below are of a crocodile!

Below are two turtles sitting atop the same rock. While you can't really see the other turtle, they had their heads laying against one another other so that it looked as though they were kissing! The turtles are a little tricky to spot but I still wanted to include this photo anyway because of how sweet it is.

Below are photos of some iguanas!

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  1. Great scenery and good food, you must have had a great experience