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December 26, 2018

After perusing through my old blog posts that I created around this time of year to get some inspiration for future posts surrounding the theme of the new year, I came across the post I created last year in which I reflected upon my blog and shared with you all my goals for the upcoming year. Seeing that a lot can change over a year with regards to my blog, I thought it would be enjoyable to re-create the post and reflect on my blog in 2018 and share my blogging goals for 2019.

Reflections of 2018


Overall I am very pleased with the content I have created over this past year. I truly feel that, even more so than the previous year, all of the posts I have created are genuine and true to me, and that inspiration drove me to create my posts rather than some other external factor. I hope to continue creating the same genres of content that I have been throughout this past year, including travel, fashion, lifestyle, and health, as well as continue to refrain from limiting my options to fit my posts into one little "niche." While I know that having a niche can increase one's blog's success, I have so many passions that do not fall into the same category and my blog would simply feel incomplete to me if I were to be rid of certain genres of posts.


As with most other big changes in life, transferring to a new boarding school this year as a sophomore was a difficult transition for me and really threw my blogging schedule (not that I really had much of a schedule to begin with) out of whack. I didn't upload a single post throughout September or October, but got back on track in November as I had a long Thanksgiving break to pursue my hobbies that I hadn't been able to throughout my very busy weeks at school.

I am not too upset or ashamed in any way for not having uploaded in those two months, because those first two months at school were extremely busy and pretty overwhelming. Also, my homework load this year has been heavy, and so understandably I have been putting more of my focus into schoolwork rather than blogging.

Rather than continuing to have these rather big gaps in which I don't blog at all, I think the best solution for me is to pre-write several posts over my breaks and upload them periodically when I am at school. Over my breaks I tend to write lots of blog posts anyway, and so saving up some of my posts to share while away at school seems like the best solution. The only trouble is, when waiting to upload a post, I often get so excited to upload it that I become impatient can't bear to wait. But, its my best idea for fixing this inconsistency problem, so I'm going to have to get used to it.


I mentioned last year that I hadn't received much growth over the year but that I really did not care simply because I love to write and edit blog posts so much. While I still love to write my posts as much as I did when I wrote this, I think it would be fun to experiment a little more with trying to grow my blog. Though I still am not terribly concerned about growing my blog, learning more about how to grow a bigger audience would be very beneficial not only for my blog but for other things as well, and I think that I would enjoy having another sort of project to work on to help improve my blog.

Goals for 2019

Rather than sharing with you my goals related to the same topics I wrote about above, consistency, growth, and content, as I did last year, I thought it would be more interesting if I just listed some of my goals instead.

1. Upload 100 blog posts (I am currently at 74)

2. Continue uploading the kinds of posts that make me happy

3. Promote my blog more & stop fearing judgement from others

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