What I Bought From The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2019

January 7, 2019

The Lilly Pulitzer after party sale is officially upon us! This two day sale that occurs every year a week or so after the New Year has begun (as well as the end of summer sale) features tons of Lilly's summer clothing at ridiculously low prices compared to their usual prices.

As a Lilly lover, browsing the sale items online is so fun and exciting (although it is a little stressful as well because so many people are also taking advantage of the great sales and the pieces tend to sell out very quickly) because the the sales are incredible. Also, because the regular prices are very expensive, for me the sale is one of the only times in which I purchase their clothing, and when you see how great the prices are during these sales it makes you never want to shop their clothing any other time of the year.

Currently: Tea for Two, Michelle Obama, & Back to School

January 6, 2019

tea time 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this photo that I posted of my mom and I enjoying a lovely cup of tea and delicious teatime sandwiches and desserts at an adorable tea room. It was such a fun yet simple excursion that was a reminder of how many local and undiscovered attractions you can find that are both entertaining and won't break the bank.

2019 Goals

January 2, 2019

1. Read 16 Books (Outside of School)

I absolutely love to read. Whether it be fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, or an autobiography, I love immersing myself into a good story and escaping from the stresses of the world around me. 

Rather than choosing to read one book for a certain number of days, weeks, or months, I decided to simply create a number of books to read as my goal because it fits my busy school schedule much more, allowing me to complete much of this goal in the summertime when I have an abundance of free time.