Digital Imaging

February 27, 2019

This winter trimester, I participated in a Digital Imaging course that involved creating an assortment of visual pieces using Photoshop. Though I had used Photoshop before, I never had an opportunity to delve deep into the application and explore the wide variety of tools it offers. As someone who loves to be creative, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this class. We were assigned an array of projects in which we were required to incorporate certain artistic elements into our pieces and use specific tools, but had incredible freedom to create whatever we desired. Though I have a long way to go still in improving my editing skills, I wanted to share the images I created this past trimester. To see more of my artwork, check out this post displaying the images I captured while taking a course on narrative photography.

Journal: Using the Selection Tool.
Task: Make at least four selections. 
Journal: Asymmetrical Balance
Task: Create a piece displaying asymmetrical balance.
Project: Album Covers 
Task: Use brush tool, mixer brush, text, at least two different textures.
Project: Narcissism & Distortion
Task: Pick three words to incorporate into image surrounding theme of narcissism and distortion.
My Words: Pattern, rhythm, time.

A Book Review: Becoming, by Michelle Obama

February 17, 2019

Becoming is a heartwarming, passion-filled, and authentic portrayal of Michelle Obama's life. Michelle dives deep into the stories of her past, from when she was a five year-old girl desperate to prove herself to her demanding and unimpressed piano teacher to when she first stepped into the White House, daunted by its hundreds of sitting rooms and her new entourage of secret service agents but honored and inspired by the realization that she had the power to make change in the world. 

She lovingly relates stories from her childhood about her family, recollecting stories of her no-nonsense mother who did everything in her power to ensure the best for her children and her selfless, high-spirited father who hid his struggles with multiple sclerosis and refused to let its symptoms and damaging effects dictate the way he lived his life. 

Currently: Long Winter Weekend & A Trip to Florida

February 1, 2019

a trip to florida

As I write, I am on my way to the airport for a trip to Orlando, Florida, over my school's long winter weekend. This past month has been pretty difficult for me with regards to settling back into school and attempting to manage a very heavy homework load after a long and much needed winter break, and also simply because of the short, winter days and unusually frigid temperatures. A little getaway to Orlando is exactly what I need to give both my brain a miniature break from school work and my body a break from the unbearably cold weather of the north.