A Book Review: The Elizas, by Sara Shepard

March 1, 2019

Ever since I heard about the publication of Sara Shepard's latest novel, I was dying to read it. Sara Shepard is the author of the Pretty Little Liars series, and though I never actually read books (I wish I had), I was quite obsessed with the TV series several years ago. I was beyond excited to see how she incorporated the mystery and suspense from the Pretty Little Liars series into her latest novel, The Elizas.

The protagonist, Eliza, is an eccentric and spunky twenty-something year-old girl with a passion for writing. An aspiring novelist, she is in the processing of publishing her first book, The Dots. When Eliza is rescued from the bottom of a hotel pool, classified by her family as "just another suicide attempt," and fails to recall any details from that night, Eliza grows determined to unravel the mystery of what truly happened. 

Throughout The Elizas, the reader follows the story of Eliza struggling to solve her own mystery and also reads excerpts from the protagonist's own novel that are intertwined throughout Shepard's novel, creating and interesting and dynamic story that makes both Eliza and the reader question what is fiction and what is reality.

The Elizas is a creative and thrilling novel that serves as a light read but is so entrenched with suspense and anticipation that it will have you itching to keep turning the pages.

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  1. When it comes to a good book something that keeps the mind brewing is something to spark intellect from dusk until dawn.

    Great review.

    Laura xo