Patagonia, Chile

May 28, 2019 Puerto Natales, Natales, Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, Chile

Puerto Natales

After arriving to Punta Arenas in Patagonia from Santiago, my family drove for around four hours to Puerto Natales, a beautiful little city on the water filled with fun, casual restaurants, artsy shops, numerous dogs wandering the small streets, and lots of blustering winds. Due to the cost of staying within the national park as well as my family's desire to experience Puerto Natales, we lodged at a small airbnb in the city that was within walking distance from the heart of the city and commuted each day to various parts of the park. 

The drive from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales consisted of beautiful views of both flat terrain and, once we approached the Puerto Natales, towering mountains, very few other cars on the single highway that led directly into the small city, a few guanaco sightings, and many sheep sightings.

The photos below are of a small shop filled with beautifully handcrafted knick knacks and much-needed cold weather gear, as well as an array of luxurious wool parkas, fleeces, pillows, and blankets.
A vibrant mural painted along the side of an old barn.
One of the most exciting aspects of staying in Puerto Natales was simply walking to one of the quaint bakeries or food markets to pick up breakfast. Not only was it fascinating to see the various snacks and delicacies, it was wonderful to experience the city in a less touristy fashion.
While we only stopped at the Singular Hotel in Patagonia for drinks and appetizers on our way back from a long day of hiking and exploring Torres del Paine National Park, it was incredible to see the unique layout and rustic setting of this hotel. 
The guanaco is an animal species native to South America. We encountered hundreds of guanaco while driving through the East side of the park.
Pictured in the two photographs below are the notable towers of Torres Del Paine National Park, an often visited sight for partakers of the infamous W trek.
Pictured below are photographs of the Grey Glaciers within Torres Del Paine National Park. 
Hotel Rio Serrano, Torres Del Paine National Park
While we loved staying in Puerto Natales, my family also wanted to have a couple of days to wake up inside of the park grounds and fully take advantage of its incredible scenery and sublime sights. My mom and I stayed at the Hotel Rio Serrano, while our other family members lodged at Hotel Lago Grey. 
Pictured below is the exquisite view of the natural beauty of the mountains in Torres Del Paine National Park from our hotel room window.