Geneva, New York

June 19, 2019 Geneva, NY 14456, USA

A little over a week ago my family drove up to Geneva, New York and stayed at an airbnb on Seneca Lake before dropping my sister off at college for a summer project. The view from the dock of our airbnb was incredibly beautiful, especially during the sunset. Unfortunately, however, aside from our first day in Geneva which was full of sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather, the remainder of our stay was frequented with lots of rain showers and gloomy weather, and so we only were able to experience one real sunset.

Lake House 

Zugibe Vineyard was only around a fifteen minute walk from our airbnb. The pathway to the vineyard from the street we stayed on, though it was a little unkempt in certain areas, was beautiful. Lined with tall grasses and patches of flowers blowing slightly in the light breeze, the walkway wove around the rows of grapevines and across formerly used railroad tracks that led to the main building of the vineyard.

Though we did not stay at this hotel, since my mom had heard so much about it, we decided to pop over for a short visit and tour the beautiful outdoor area.
Muranda Cheese Company

Though I consider myself to be a vegetarian and not a vegan, when cooking for myself I usually always make vegan meals and when I dine out I try by best to do the same. So, when my mom wanted to stop by a farm for cheese testing, I was a little hesitant and unsure whether I wanted to partake in this activity. Having watched several documentaries about veganism and its extremely beneficial effects on the environment, I was skeptical about indulging in this activity and felt sort of guilty about doing so. However, because my mom was very eager to try the cheeses and because I was on vacation in an area which main attractions consisted of cheese and wine tasting, I decided to try the cheese tasting.

Though I initially was very hesitant about it, I was glad that I did not only because the cheeses were delicious, but also because I felt that it was necessary in order to fully experience what this area has to offer. I felt a little better knowing that the cows used to collect milk from are treated well and also that except for when I am traveling and am eating vegetarian meals, I usually try my best to stray away from all animal products.
Where: Collegetown Bagels in Ithaca, New York

If you are staying in or around Ithaca, I highly recommend stopping in Collegetown Bagels for a bite to eat. This little restaurant, usually packed with devoted customers, has such an array of delicious sandwiches, bagels, salads, and smoothies, and is sure to satisfy any of your cravings!
Where: Ithaca Farmer's Market

After learning that Geneva had its very own It's a Wonderful Life Museum, my mom and I, obsessed as we are with the film and with Jimmy Stewart, knew that we had to stop by. It was a very small museum but was incredibly special and had so many wonderful "artifacts" and other memorabilia from and relating to the movie - from images of the cast and letters to and from its members to actual objects and clothing used throughout the film. 

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