Loft Transformation & Makeover

June 30, 2019

Moving houses can be a difficult and lengthy process. Even when you are completely moved into your new home, there always seems to be a never ending supply of boxes full of tchotchkes and miscellaneous items waiting to be unpacked. My mom and I spent the entire day yesterday transforming the loft in our new house from a cluttered mess into a cozy bedroom and hangout area.

Click below to watch the loft transformation!
As is evident in the photograph below, the loft was quite a mess prior to its makeover. Due to the fact that the loft also serves as my sister's bedroom, it was filled with boxes and suitcases that she had brought back from college and had yet to unpack. Many of the boxes we had to simply put in a corner and cover up with curtains since she will be bringing those same boxes back to school in only a couple of months.

The two photographs below show the two sides of the loft, both of which have beds up against the brick walls. Because with just these two images it is difficult to envision how these two rooms connect and to picture the size and layout of the loft, I highly recommend watching the video I linked at the top of this post to better grasp what the set up of the room really looks like.