100th Blog Post

July 13, 2019

After a little more than two years of writing and editing photographs for my blog, I have finally reached my 100th post.

While I could have simply chosen to create an ordinary post with no connection at all to it being the hundredth, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this centennial marker so that I could reflect a little bit on my blog as well as be able to look back on it in future years and be reminded of what my aspirations were for this creative outlet.

Though I am by no means consider myself to be a true "blogger" due to several factors including a lack of a big following and oftentimes sporadic uploads during the busy school year (I merely view myself as a girl who loves writing and sharing her photographs via this digital platform), this 100th post still holds value and meaning to me.

This 100th post represents a dedication to pursuing a passion of mine, despite struggling with a busy schedule during the year and occasional feelings of embarrassment and concern over how other people view my blog.

I have learned so much through this blogging journey not only about improving both my writing and photography, but also about myself; how I oftentimes don't truly know how I am feeling or what I am thinking until I write it all down and it suddenly pours out of my fingertips, or how I learned that I can use writing to express my emotions and thoughts in ways I am unable to do simply by speaking.

To whomever this may concern:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post or any others. 
I am excited to continue pursuing this passion of mine and seeing where it takes me.

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  1. Congratulations, hon! That's amazing. You look great!
    Adi xx | www.fancycorrectitude.com

  2. Congratulations dear on your 100th post. You are looking stunning.