How To Become a Better Reader

July 4, 2019

Reading is one of my most enjoyable pastimes. Not only do I love curling up under a pile of blankets and reading a good book, but I also feel a strong sense of satisfaction knowing that I am working my brain and learning while enjoying an interesting story. In such a digital age, it can often be hard to set aside the technology and fully emerge oneself into a book. As a student or as someone with a full time job, it can also be a challenge to put aside the time to read, and instead continuously tell ourselves that we "don't have time to read."

Reading is important not only because it is an easy way in which you can invest in your own education and pursue your curiosities and interests, but it also is extremely effective in reducing stress. I recently came across an infographic on Pinterest from CBC and the National Reading Campaign stating that reading reduces stress 68% more than listening to music, 100% more than drinking a cup of tea, and 300% more than going for a walk. 

Today I am sharing with you my tips on how to become a better reader. I am by no means a reading "expert." I am merely a girl with a strong passion for reading who understands the struggle of balancing reading time with technology and with work. I hope these tips are helpful. Please let me know any advice you have in the comments as well as any book recommendations!

1. Read What YOU Want To Read

This first tip probably seems a little obvious and unnecessary, but I feel that it is super important. Reading is not supposed to be draining or dull, but rather enjoyable, interesting, and entertaining. So if you are reading a book or a particular genre of books that does not interest you, read something else! In other words, just because your best friend or relative loves self help books doesn't necessarily mean you might. Of course it is important to branch out and read books from different genres, but it is also essential to read the types of books that fulfill your interests.

2. Set Goals by Page Number or Chapter

An easy way to keep on track and hold yourself accountable is to set a goal for the number of pages or chapters you hope to read each day.

3. Read in a Way That Suites YOU

Personally, I am the type of person that very much prefers to read a physical copy of a book as opposed to on kindle or though audible. However, if you like listening to your books on tape, use audible! There have been several studies that show that reading via audible and kindle are just as beneficial as reading a physical copy, so don't feel that by using these platforms you are not gaining as much knowledge as if you were reading a hard copy of a book. My mom uses audible to read books and she absolutely loves it. Audible is great if you have limited time because you can listen to it while you drive, clean, or cook (etc.).

4. Read Before Bed

My last tip is to simply read before bed. Reading before you go to bed is great not only because it puts you in a tranquil and relaxed mood before you go to sleep, but also I find that it is easier since there are much fewer distractions compared to the daytime.


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips! I love reading and I think setting goals for chapter and page is great because I use that method all the time :)



  3. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing lovely!
    I enjoy reading too, but sometimes it's hard to find time... I need to spend less time on my phone, hahaha!
    Daisy |