A Four Month Hiatus

December 1, 2019

It is crazy to think that I have been absent from my blog for an entire four months. The transition from the end of summer vacation to the beginning of my junior year of high school seemed to happen so fast, and so much has occurred over the course of the past few months.

Rather than deliver a tedious paragraph about four month my blogging hiatus and excuses as to why I've been absent, I wanted to share with you a recap of the past four months, from the conclusion of summer to the inception of my fall term of my junior year.


My family spent two weeks from mid to late August traveling around Portugal. We spent the first four days in the city of Lisbon, wandering the cobblestone streets, exploring various historic sites, and admiring the variety of sugary pastries. After our stay in Lisbon, we rented a car and drove toward the southern part of Portugal to a small town called Villa Nova de Milfontes, where we stayed for another three days before heading to the city of Porto with a pit stop in Evora.

I was overwhelmed by Portugal's vast array of historical landmarks, the winding streets, artistic graffiti, and colorful buildings of its cities, and the sublime natural beauty of its beaches. Such scenes incited my love for creating, and so as a result my camera roll was teeming with thousands of photographs by the end of my travels. As a lover of videography, our stops in various destinations also provided ample opportunity for me to create films that painted a more in depth picture of each city we visited as opposed to creating a singular, all encompassing video of my travels.

I am planning on sharing my photos from Portugal in the a series of upcoming blog posts, and because of the multitude of images I captured I am hoping to divide up my travels into manageable posts to prevent including too many photographs. Though I was tempted to dive into sharing my photographs, I felt it necessary to preface my Portugal series with this brief overview of where I have been over the past four months.

Immediately upon my return from Portugal, my mom and I dropped off my sister at college in New York. The last few days of my summer vacation after bidding adieu to my sister were spent preparing for the start of my junior year.

September & October

I chose to group the months of September and October together because aside from a quick weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a family wedding in October, nothing extremely major happened in either month that called for it receiving its own analysis.

September and October were mostly spent studying for my academic classes as well as preparing for standardized testing and attending field hockey practices and games.


The bulk of November was spent continuing to study for my academic classes and preparing for exams. Exam week was extremely stressful, but the knowledge that I wouldn't have to take any more exams until May and that Thanksgiving break was so near helped to motivate me to work hard and continue to study.

Another major factor that inspired me to push through exam week was the fact that my mom and I were departing for Paris directly after my last final. My mom and I had been planning our travels for so many weeks prior to the trip that I didn't truly feel like we were leaving for Paris until we boarded the airplane.

We had such a wonderful time visiting family as well as my mom's old friend from Belgium, and it was truly magical to experience the city amidst the festivity of the holiday season. Soon after sharing all of my pictures from Portugal I hope to do the same with those I captured in Paris, as its historic buildings, festive spirit, and incredible museums also resulted in the addition of hundreds of photos to my camera roll. 

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