My Blog: Reflecting on 2019 & Goals for 2020

January 2, 2020

2019 Goals & Reflections

1. Upload 100 blog posts 

This is my 118th blog post.

2. Continue uploading the kinds of posts that make me happy

I am happy that I can say I feel that I have stuck with this goal of mine to continue posting the type of content that brings me joy and I am genuinely passionate about.

3. Promote my blog more

This goal is a little bit more difficult to measure. While I feel that in some areas of my life I was a little better at promoting my blog more, I believe I could have done much more. That is why I chose to continue to have this as a goal of mine (though I expanded a little bit upon it) in 2020.

2020 Goals

  1. Be more consistent during the academic year by scheduling posts.

One of the challenges for me with regards to my blog is staying consistent during school weeks. Homework and extracurriculars consume the majority of my time, and so far this year I have only been able to upload consistently during my breaks from school.

Because my schoolwork is a priority to me, I do not want to make a resolution to simply disregard my academics to focus more on my blog. However, I hope to take advantage of my breaks to create as many posts as I can and then schedule their uploads. I find that often times I create a post and am so excited to share it that I am too impatient to schedule its upload. All that does, though, is create longer gaps between when I upload blog posts and add to my inconsistency. So, I hope to be more conscientious of my sporadic uploading and schedule my posts so that I do not go for weeks at a time without sharing content on my blog.

  1. Take pride in what I create & share my blog with others more.

Blogging is a sincere passion of mine. It is a creative outlet for me, and a place where I can merge my love for writing and photography and share my creations with others. Even though am proud of my photography and work hard to create informative and inspiring content, I am hesitant to mention my blog around others and do not frequently share my blog with friends and family, both in person and on my social media platforms.

In 2020 I hope to take a greater sense of pride in my work and become more open to telling others about my passion.


  1. Congrats on surpassing so many of your goals, those are awesome achievements! Wishing you all the best with your goals for this year xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you so much! Best of luck to you as well!

  2. You wrote 118 posts! Wow. That shows some admirable consistency I lack and wish to achieve this year. What is your goal for posts in 2020? I feel like you can surpass 250 posts, that's just crazy!
    Good luck this year!

  3. I think one of my biggest blogging goals for 2020 is to start creating more content that I feel is creatively inspiring--whether it's the types of photos I take for blog photos, the way I continue to use my own writing voice--I'd like to have a creative aesthetic that can bring some creative inspiration to others. (Haha, how many times can I use the word creative in one sentence lol.) Good luck achieving your goals, you've got this! HNY x

    1. What a great goal! Wishing you all the best with your goals in 2020!

  4. Thank you for sharing
    Creating your own content is key

    Happy new year.

  5. I love your 2019 goals! I do monthly goals and I always reflect on them at the end of the year so this is great :)

    1. Thank you! Creating monthly goals is such a good idea!

  6. You can definitely take pride in what you create dear! I am so happy for you that you achieved all these goals and wish your blog all the best.

    lots of love, Miri | Meet Miri

  7. Love your goals, scheduling and doing things way ahead of time really do help getting it all done.
    Xo, Kelsey

  8. Great goals, dear! Happy New Year!

    Happy Thursday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa