Books On My Quarantine Reading List

April 2, 2020

With the still soaring number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States and across the globe, and specifically and the recent stay-at-home orders affecting the lives of millions of Americans, I thought I would share with you all the books on my quarantine reading list. One of my aunts was kind enough to gift me an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and a couple days ago I finally used it to purchase several books, many of which I have been wanting to read for quite some time and a couple that my mom recommended to me. 

What I love about ordering books on Amazon is that, because you can buy used paperback copies, the books can be very inexpensive. With the very generous fifty dollar voucher from my aunt, I was able to purchase a whopping total of eight books! The only caveat is that if you want to keep the price down you have to refrain from buying newly released books. Even so, there are so many wonderful novels out in the world that waiting patiently for a couple of weeks is really no big deal, and it may also encourage you to finally start that classic that has been sitting on your reading list for months and you have constantly put aside to instead turn to the newer, more recent novels.

I am fascinated by all things World War II related, and so that is a prevalent theme throughout these picks. Even if that genre or topic is not your cup of tea, I hope that at least one of these novels might pique your interest.