Currently: A Grim Resurgence & Recent Reads

June 26, 2020

Four days ago marked a month since the beginning of my summer break. While the end of the school year was still very academically challenging despite being online and I was ready for a break, it feels so strange that I still have two months of summer vacation left. I keep thinking that my break is almost over and that school is starting up again soon since I, along with almost all students across the United States, have not been on campus for so many months. 

And, of course, the prospect of schools reopening in the fall is looking slimmer as a result of the sudden resurgence of coronavirus cases in America, particularly in the South and West in states such as Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona. Just yesterday, the United States set a new record of COVID-19 cases reported in a single day: 37,077. It is no surprise that these states have seen upticks in cases since they tended to be much more relaxed with regards to reopening plans, emphasizing the importance of social distancing measures, and encouraging residents to wear masks. Hopefully, however, this terrible surge will empower leaders to take the virus more seriously and disregard the extremely unfortunate politicization of mask wearing by reminding people of their necessity in limiting contagion.

The recent resurgence of cases is a dark reminder that the United States is still in the midst of battling this pandemic and that as citizens, it is imperative that we do not become complacent but instead comply with recommendation of health officials to prioritize social distancing and mask wearing. Of course, following these guidelines does not mean that we have to lock ourselves inside all day; there are so many ways to enjoy the warm weather of the summertime without potentially contributing to the spread of the virus. I am hoping to create a post in the next couple of days outlining several ideas I have for engaging activities to keep you occupied throughout the summer but that also adhere to social distancing recommendations. 

One activity that I did quite a lot during the past three months at home and have been really enjoying during the summertime is reading. I read all the books except for one on my quarantine reading list that I created back in April, and have transitioned to reading several of the novels that I received as a part of a book exchange that I participated in through Instagram. 

This was a nice, easy read. It was sent to me as a part of the book exchange, and while it was not very plot-heavy, it was still very enjoyable. Centered in Paris and then moving steadily through regions of southern France, this novel incited my already severe wanderlust and love of Europe.  

I was also sent this book as a part of the exchange, and I absolutely loved it. If you have seen some of my reading lists, you may know that I have an obsession with reading World War II related novels, and while I enjoy nonfiction, I especially love historical fiction books. Between Shades of Grey is about a young girl who, along with her family, was forced to leave her home in Lithuania and work in a labor camp in Siberia. Most of the novels I read are centered on Hitler's genocide or the war from the perspective of residents of western Europe, and so it was very interesting to read a novel that was focused on Stalin's occupation of the nations surrounding Russia during the war.

This novel, which I actually won in a contest sponsored by Goodreads, is next up on my reading list. While I have yet to read beyond the first three pages, I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy this book.


  1. Thank you for sharing! Now I will choose something new to read

  2. Interesting book recommendations! I definitely want to read "The Little Paris Bookshop" now. Thanks for recommending!

    Life is a Shoe

  3. I've been reading so much these past few months too. It's something I'm going to keep up with throughout the summer for sure :)


  4. A girl is a body of water seems really interesting. I definetely will be reading it ♡

  5. I'm always looking for a good book so thanks for sharing your current reads :)

  6. I hope you enjoy your summer break! Hopefully things with COVID will subside and you will be able to go back to campus come fall!

  7. I love reading and I'm actually looking for a new book so thanks for your recommendations!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the current state of the US at the moment. Hope you and your family stays safe and well! Aside from all of this, kudos to you for still finding things to do with your time and continuing with your studies regardless. I'm on uni break in Australia right now and I feel at this year especially, we students are comrades. <3

    I feel like I'd enjoy the Little Paris Bookshop! Would love to travel vicariously at this time, anyway. :') Thank you for these recommendations.

    Jo | With Risa

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, The Little Paris Bookshop is the perfect book for traveling vicariously. :)