Philadelphia & New Jersey

August 29, 2020

Near the end of August, before I began my quarantine in preparation for returning to school, my mom and I embarked on a short, three day trip through Philadelphia and to the New Jersey shore. Of course, as with our other few travels throughout this summer, our visits looked different than they normally would. We donned masks every time we departed from our hotel room, obsessively sprayed our hands with hand sanitizer, only ate outdoors at tables that were distant from each other, and sought sidewalks that were the least frequented. Despite the strangeness of our miniature trip, it was still enjoyable to be outside and explore these areas, especially before heading home to practice the quarantine precautions necessary for going back to school to ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff. With summer ending, I am quite confident that this will be my last journey out until either late spring or even summer depending on the spread of COVID-19 and availability of vaccine, so although it was a very short getaway, I wanted to share the few photographs I captured from Philadelphia and the New Jersey Shore.


View from the Canopy by Hilton in Philadelphia.

Burrata cheese and fried cauliflower from Rouge.

New Jersey Shore

Guacamole and Veg taco from Barrio Costero.

Vegetable burger from Pascal & Sabine.

Beignets with mixed berry jam and sweet cream from Pascal & Sabine.