Rhode Island, Massachusetts, & Connecticut

August 24, 2020

As I mentioned in my last post entitled Currently: College Visits and Back to School Amidst COVID-19, my family recently drove to Rhode Island to visit a few colleges in the surrounding area. We based ourselves in Providence, Rhode Island, but explored the nearby cities of Newport, Narragansett, Boston in Massachusetts and the village of Stonington in Connecticut. I have very seldom traveled to the New England states. Aside from two trips to Maine many years ago and a drive through Boston on the way, the closet cities to those in New England that I have frequented in the past few years have been Geneva and Ithaca in upstate New York. Of course, because of the pandemic, our visit looked different than it would be in normal times. Even so, it was still an enjoyable trip, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit a few schools on my college list. 

Of all of our junkets to nearby cities and towns, I most enjoyed our visits to Boston and Stonington. Though we did more driving around the city than walking to limit our interactions with others and the weather was very gloomy and rainy, I loved seeing Boston and hope to return in post-pandemic times to really explore all its streets, shops, and fun restaurants. Unlike the sprawling city of Boston, Stonington is a small borough on southeastern corner of Connecticut. My mom stayed in Stonington for the summer almost twenty years ago and recalled its quiet, charming atmosphere. Thankfully, unlike several of the other cities we visited such as Newport which had become built up and quite touristy, Stonington retained its lovely small town allure.

Providence, Rhode Island.
Benefit Street.
Sign outside of Benefit Street Antiques.
View of the water from Waterman Grille.
Roasted cauliflower with cauliflower-almond puree, red quinoa, golden raisins, toasted almonds.

Newport, Rhode Island.
View from the Cliff Walk.

Narragansett, Rhode Island.
Boston, Massachusetts.

Stonington, Connecticut.
Roasted vegetable buddha bowl from Breakwater Restuarant.


  1. I've never been to Rhode Island and I want to go so badly! It looks beautiful :)


    1. Yes, it's such a beautiful state! I hope you have a chance to visit. :)

  2. I love this post :D


  3. Oooh I love the street art! Sign me up for that roasted cauliflower though. Looks incredible. :]

    // stay safe,
    Carmen // travel + lifestyle writer

    1. I know, I love street art! And yes, the cauliflower was delicious! :)

  4. Oh love this great to get to travel a bit, thanks for posting!

    Allie of

  5. Oh I love, love your travel videos! Great editing and music!