Riad Kniza in Marrakesh, Morocco

August 13, 2020 34 Derb l'Hotel Bab Doukala، مراكش 40000, Morocco

After several days staying at Tamouda Bay in northern Morocco and visiting the famed city of Chefchaouen, my mom and I took the bullet train to Casablanca and then hopped on another train headed  toward the city of Marrakesh, Morocco. Since it was our first time traveling to Morocco, we were first a little wary about train travel. However, traveling by train proved not only easy, but also very efficient and enjoyable. The train stations were very modern, clean, and simple to navigate, and the bullet train was even more impressive, as it was pristine, comfortable, and extremely efficient.

To have a more authentic visit, we chose to stay at a riad as opposed to a hotel. The word riad originates from the Arabic word meaning "garden." Riads are traditional Moroccan homes constructed around a garden or interior courtyard, usually with limited rooms, a central fountain, and sometimes a small spa for guests to enjoy a Moroccan hammam.

We stayed at Riad Kniza, a riad in the heart of the Medina of Marrakesh. The sound of water dripping from the central fountain, wonderful scents drifting throughout the halls from incense and burning oils, rooftop exploding with flora and fauna, and cozy rooms equipped with fresh fruit, hanging lanterns, and massive wooden doors all helped to create a homey and tranquil atmosphere. 

In addition Riad Kniza's central location in the Medina and its beautiful interior and balcony area, all of the meals we ate at the riad were beyond delicious. Every morning, the riad served its guests complimentary breakfast on the rooftop that included fresh yogurt and cereal, Moroccan breads and cakes, an assortment of jams and preserves, eggs, and fresh orange juice or the traditional Moroccan mint tea. We also stayed for dinner one night, where we sat in a small, cozy room and listened to a trio of musicians play traditional Moroccan music in the courtyard. It was a full-course dinner, which allowed us to taste all sorts of delectable, vegetarian Moroccan dishes.

Vegetarian Harira Soup.
Vegetable Pastilla.
Assortment of Moroccan Salads.
Briwates (filo pastry wrapped around mixed vegetables, cheese, rice(sweet))
Sweet potato tajine with Figs, Prunes and Walnuts.
Berber Tajine of mixed vegetables.
Tajine of fish Mchermel with Sweet Peppers and Tomatoes.
Barley Couscous with Green Vegetables.
Johara (cream pastilla with almonds and caramel).
Moroccan pastries served with mint tea or coffee.


  1. WOW - that food looks so tasty!! Morocco was always one of those places that sounded fun to travel to, but not high on my travel bucket list... But, you might have changed my mind! Thanks for sharing :)
    Jenna ♥
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  2. Such an amazing place. So colorful and beautiful. Also food look very delicious and your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

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