Tea at the Royal Mansour in Marrakesh, Morocco

August 15, 2020 Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti، Marrakech 40000, Morocco

During our stay in Marrakesh, my mom and I visited the Royal Mansour for afternoon tea. We first learned of this hotel by watching an episode of the TV show Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, in which the two hosts went behind the scenes to learn more about the various processes that go into maintaining such a remarkable hotel. After discovering that this famed hotel was only a short drive from our own stay at Riad Kniza, we knew we had to visit.

The Royal Mansour is very elegant and majestic, and thus quite an expensive place to stay, though thankfully the afternoon tea was very reasonably priced. Though the hotel is absolutely exquisite and beautifully decorated, I must admit it lacked the personal, cozy, and comfortable feeling of the traditional riad in which we stayed. Even so, we had a wonderful afternoon tea and really enjoyed experiencing the grandeur of the hotel.

I chose to order the traditional Moroccan mint tea, and while I was unable to try the various sandwiches, I very much enjoyed tasting the assortment of cookies and scones. Of all of the sweet items, I most enjoyed the plate of small Moroccan pastries and the almond and caramel cookies.


  1. I miss Marrakech so much! I was there last December and your photos are making me want to go back!


    1. Thank you so much! I miss it too. It is such a wonderful city!