A Victory for America: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

November 12, 2020


For millions of Americans and people all around the world, election week was full of anxiety, stress, and tension. As I watched the votes pour in late Tuesday night, I grew fearful. Fearful that the 2020 election might be a replay of 2016. My fear seemed to be confirmed when I woke up at three o'clock in the morning, jumped out of bed to check the election map, and found that the key battleground states of Ohio and Florida had turned solidly red. The election map told a different story, though, as the days inched by. For weeks prior to November 3, experts advised Americans not to rely on early results since the large amount of mail in ballots cast this year due to the pandemic would take longer to process in many states. Though I was aware of this, I still felt a sense of dread in those first few days when most of the battleground states leaned red. After Biden flipped Wisconsin and Michigan, though, and Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania looked promising, I started feeling hopeful. But it was not until Sunday morning when Pennsylvania was officially called and tipped Biden over 270 electoral votes that I welcomed in the feelings of joy and warmth and hope. Hope for a better future. Hope for a better America.

Watching Biden and Harris speak that night, I was overcome with emotion. It was so moving to hear the president and vice-president elects talk about unity, fairness, and compassion. To inspire love and kindness, and to speak with such eloquence and dignity. And of course, the historic nature of Kamala Harris' nomination cannot be overlooked. Kamala Harris will be the first female vice-president, but as she herself stated Sunday night, she "will not be the last." In addition to being the first woman in the office, she is the first Black woman and first South Asian woman vice-president elect. 

After enduring four years of a presidency filled with hateful rhetoric, lies and misinformation, and drastic polarization, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' election represents a new beginning. America will finally have leaders who take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, who do not brush off the deaths of thousands of Americans by saying "it is what it is." Leaders who listen to science, acknowledge the extreme dangers of climate change, denounce white supremacy and recognize that systemic racism is real and must be addressed. Leaders who care and respect our democracy, who would never call the election a "hoax" and cite voter fraud with no evidence simply to stay in power. Leaders who understand that refusing to respect a peaceful transition of power is a threat to the very core of our democratic principles. 

To end, I wanted to share a short clip of journalist Van Jones speaking about the Biden-Harris win and what it means for so many Americans. His raw, real reaction brought tears to my eyes, and his reflection on the importance of character in this presidential election is so powerful.


  1. I'm glad you shared this. The Van Jones clip moved me too!

    Caiti | Champagne & Postcards

    1. Thank you! And I know, his remarks were so powerful!