A Day in DC During COVID-19

December 2, 2020 Washington, DC, USA

This past weekend, my mom and I drove to Washington, DC and spent the day exploring the touristy areas of the city. Though we are not locals, we have lived close to the city for my entire life and thus know the city quite well. Even so, as often happens when you live in such proximity to a big city, we have never spent much time engaging in the traditional, tourist-oriented site-seeing of the famous monuments. 

Of course, due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, we visited the city with the intention that we would only stay outdoors. Thankfully, it was a beautiful, mid-fifty degree day and the sun was shining, creating the perfect weather for sitting on the grassy fields surrounding the Washington Monument, walking around the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool, and meandering along the sidewalks that curve from the World War II Memorial to the lush grass across from the Capital building. With the colder weather drawing close, we wanted to squeeze in a safe excursion outdoors before buckling down for the next couple of months and staying home as much as possible to limit our exposure to and spread of the virus. 

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

In order to avoid the possibility of any crowds, my mom and I made a dinner reservation for 5:00pm at Rasika, a delicious Indian Restuarant located at West End near Dupont Circle. We dined outside, of course, and due to our early hour were one of only a few people seated outdoors. Additionally, we were the only people seated underneath our tent-like covering and could not actually see any other customers, and our large pod of space made us feel even more safe. We ordered several small vegetarian dishes to share with naan and rice.

Palak Chaat
  Crispy baby spinach, yogurt, tamarind, date

Sweet Potato Peanut Curry
Curry leaves, green chilies, coconut

Gobhi Mattar
Cauliflower, green peas, ginger

Fig Paneer Kofta
Cashew nuts, green cardamom, black pepper

Dal Dhungaree
Smoked lentils, garlic, tomatoes

Garlic Naan
Saffron Pulao


  1. These photos are so beautiful xx


  2. It's good that you managed to enjoy your time in DC while staying safe! Your pictures are beautiful and the Indian food must have been delicious. Thank you for sharing :) x

    Julia x
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