My Blog: Reflecting on 2020 & Goals for 2021

December 16, 2020

The start of a new year always fills me with a sense of excitement and thrill for the future, and I love creating goals for the twelve months ahead. While I do feel strongly that setting intentions is important, I find that reflection on past goals is equally, if not more, important. So, as I have done for the past three years, I am going to be sharing my reflections on my blogging goals for the year 2020 as well as my intention for 2021. I hope this serves as a source of inspiration to any fellow bloggers, writers, or other creators.

2020 Goals & Reflections

  1. Be more consistent during the academic year by scheduling posts.

In years past, my uploading of posts during the academic year have been pretty sporadic. Due to homework assignments for classes and extracurricular activities including sports, it has been difficult for me to remain consistent with my blog posts while at school, and I often was absent for a couple of months and then would return to posting a bunch of blog posts during my school breaks. While school will always be my first priority, I made it one of my goals to be more strategic about my uploads by scheduling posts.

Scheduling my posts was never something that I took advantage of prior to this year, as often I would write and be so excited to share a post that I would upload it immediately, even if I just wrote a post the day prior. This year, because I knew I would be busy with college applications and classes, I was more intentional about the dates in which I wanted to schedule posts so that I would not be inactive for a few weeks and then return over school breaks with a dozen posts all uploaded within a two week span.

  1. Take pride in what I create & share my blog with others more.

This is a goal that I have included in my blogging goals posts for the past two years. Though I have much room for improvement still, I think in 2020 I became more comfortable with sharing my blog with others. I think this is partly due to the fact that the types of posts I transitioned to writing felt more meaningful to me and as a result I felt more proud of them, but also having had this outlet for almost four years now, it has become a part of me and worry way less about possible judgement. I am hopeful that in the upcoming year, I will continue to take pride in what I create and share my writing and photography with others.

2021 Goal

1. Create more posts dedicated to issues I care about.

From climate change and sustainability to feminism and racial and sexual equality, there are so many issues that I care deeply about, and while I have shared blog posts relating to these topics, I have not done so to the extend that I would like to and that reflect my own interest in and dedication to these areas. Over the summer and into the fall, I started sharing more blog posts connected to my passion for activism and interest in politics. It felt empowering to voice my beliefs and stand up for what I feel is right and to use my platform to promote positivity and bring attention to important issues. 

So, while I love to travel and will never stop sharing my travel photography and am a serious book-lover who will continue highlighting her recent recents, I also want to incorporate more posts that connect to larger, more meaningful issues. One of the lessons I have learned from 2020 is that it is so important to use your voice, no matter how many people may be listening. I hope that I can use my platform to do more of that in 2021. Below are some examples of previous posts I have written that I hope to write more of this upcoming year.

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