Currently: An In-Person Senior Spring

March 13, 2021

A Wintry Spring Break

Due to the strangeness of this academic year and schedule changes my school implemented in response to the pandemic, my spring break—which typically starts in early March and concludes around the middle of the month—began this year on February 20 and stretched into the first few days of March. Eager to escape the cold but wanting to stay safe from the virus, my family and I drove south to St. Simons Island, Georgia, where we spent a little over a week walking our dogs on the vast beach, eating mostly takeout dinners, and simply enjoying the unusually warm weather after a February that was filled with bone-chillingly cold days. It is crazy how drastically just a single week of non-freezing weather and sunny blue skies can shift your mood and change your perspective. Stuck in a bit of rut due to the dreariness of the northeastern cold, the warmth of the south made me hopeful for spring and the joys that accompany its flowery season.

Back to In-Person Learning

On Monday, I will be returning to in-person learning at my school. This past week, while students received COVID tests and quarantined, classes remained virtual as they had been for the entirety of the first six weeks of the winter term. For the two remaining weeks of the winter term as well as for the spring trimester, I will be back on campus to finish off the year in person. Springtime is my favorite season to be a student at my school. The magnolias are in bloom and feature flowers in cream and pastel pinks, the chirping of songbirds sweetens the walks to and from classes, and the excitement that accompanies end of year festivities and the sight of summer is palpable. 

Senior Spring

More than merely being grateful to return to school as the weather warms and skies grow bluer, as a senior this year, coming back to campus means that I will be able to enjoy a somewhat normal senior spring and last few months as a high school student. Thankfully, my class will be having an in-person graduation, though of course with limited capacity and other public health guidelines and restrictions in place. I am thrilled that I will have the chance to participate in the time-honored tradition despite the difficulties created by the pandemic. As the end of March and beginning of April approaches, I will also be receiving decisions from the colleges I applied to back in December and January. While I am both eager and anxious to hear back from colleges, I am trying to subdue my unease by putting impending decisions in the back of my mind and simply focusing on my courses and other activities I enjoy engaging in.

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