A Weekend in Princeton, New Jersey

May 26, 2021 Princeton, NJ 08544, USA

A couple weekends ago, my family and I had the pleasure of visiting Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, as I will be entering as a first year student this fall. While I had visited the town once before for a quick breakfast after my mom picked up furniture in the area, I had never stepped foot on campus or explored any part of the town except for the single restaurant we dined at during that singular, brief visit. 

Our recent visit turned out to be the same weekend as the graduation for Princeton's Class of 2021, and it was so nice to be able to see the campus and surrounding city during such a celebratory time. Though our visit was quite short—we spent two nights and had to depart early on Monday morning—we explored as much of the university and the city of Princeton as we could. 

As a lover of photography and videography, I of course had to bring my trusty camera with me to capture some of the moments and memories from our brief visit.


Nassau Street


  1. These pictures are amazing! I'm glad to know you had a great time in Princeton.