Liz Cheney Ousted from Leadership: Consequences for American Democracy

May 12, 2021

Truth is essential for the survival of democracy. Despite the differences in parties and perspectives on policies, a shared respect, understanding, and acceptance of the truth should serve as a source of unification for a country. To value the truth is to be patriotic, and to reject it is to threaten the very foundations of democracy.

That is why the ousting of Republican Representative Liz Cheney is so alarming—because her removal is based in the complete rejection of fact and instead the dangerous  embrace conspiracy. Cheney, a staunch conservative, was forced out of her position not for any lack of ideological commitment or failure of leadership, but instead her refusal to propagate a baseless claim of election fraud that her Republican colleagues have adopted for the selfish reasons of bolstering their own political reputations and careers. Though I disagree with most of her conservative stances, I applaud her for having the courage and integrity to stand up against her Republican colleagues and commit to the truth—the truth that the 2020 election was a free and fair election and that it was, as countless election experts, officials, and even the former president's own appointees have stated, the most secure election in American history. 

The ousting of Cheney from office may appear to be nothing more than a typical political maneuver, a classic example of the "game of politics." Her removal from her position, though, is much more serious, as it demonstrates that one of the two major parties in the American political system has metamorphosed from a party of traditional, conservative values to one that refuses to accept the truth when it conflicts with their political agenda. Such a disrespect for truth will breed severe consequences for American democracy, and its legacy will continue to haunt the nation in years to come.

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