New York City: Spring 2021

May 28, 2021 New York, NY, USA

This past weekend, to celebrate the closing of my senior year as well as my birthday, my mom and I drove to New York City. Usually when we visit the city, we stay in upper Manhattan, but this time we decided to branch out and stay in lower Manhattan, an area I have very rarely visited and that my mom, once a New York native, had also never spent much time exploring. 

Prior to our trip, my mom and I both received our second vaccinations for COVID-19, and though we were still quite cautious and adamant about wearing our masks when around other people, it was a relief to not be burdened with the heavy weight and fear of potentially catching the virus. And though the majority of New Yorkers, no doubt from having been hit so hard at the outbreak of the pandemic, were also still very careful, we could sense a joyful jubilation and the city felt almost alive with vitality.

While our stay was relatively short, we packed in as much adventure and exploration into our few days as we could. From visiting the beautiful Bronx Botanical Gardens to walking the Brooklyn Bridge under the beating sun, we traversed areas of the city that were either entirely new to us or that we had not seen in several years, and it was so enjoyable to experience these more unfamiliar parts of New York City.

Central Park

Grand Central Station


Brooklyn Bridge

Bronx Botanical Gardens

The Oculus

City Streets

South Street Sea Port



  1. Oh what gorgeous pics! New York is deffo on my bucket list x