Days in DC: Tidal Basin, The Wharf, National Mall

July 25, 2021 Washington, DC, USA

As can often happen when you live in or nearby a major city, you often stick to what you know, not bothering to venture beyond the handful of neighborhoods, half a dozen museums, or picturesque places you visit so often and avoiding the tourist-y type of attractions. During another brief excursion into the city, my mom and I made a dedicated effort to explore the more unfamiliar parts of DC—from new neighborhoods and never-before-seen historic monuments to parts of the city we had not visited in half a decade or more. For us, that meant driving to Union Market (and for me, taking pictures of the iconic heart wall behind the building), visiting the Freer Gallery of Art, walking the entirety of the path encircling the tidal basin and stopping at the various monuments, and exploring the up-and-coming Wharf District. As usual, I brought my camera with me to document my travels.

Union Market Heart Wall

Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Tidal Basin: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Tidal Basin: Jefferson Memorial

The Wharf: Seafood Market

We reserved a table at Nara-Ya, a trendy Japanese restaurant overlooking the marina, for dinner. Before riding the elevator up to the restaurant, guests walk through this beautifully designed tunnel and popular photo spot. Though a bit pricy, the menu offered an array of interesting dishes, and as a vegetarian, I was delighted by the variety of meat- and seafood-free options. My mom and I shared the Green Tea Soba Noodles, and I had the Garden Sushi Rolls too.

Baby bok choy, pickled turnips and
carrots, kombu broth (v)

purple sweet potato, avocado,
cucumber, shiso, mango, red bell
pepper, topped with crispy quinoa,
and tofu spicy mayo (v)

Sunset at the Mall 

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